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Emergency Lighting Certificate

Emergency Lighting Certificate

Emergency Light Testing is carried out to ensure the lights in the property are working correctly and safely. Emergency Lighting is the first line of escape in the event of an emergency. It illuminates the safest way to the nearest exit and if n ot maintained can inevitably lead to accident or death ensuing prosecution of the premises owner or employer due to negligence. We at FE Maintenance offer our customers full commissioning of new installations and annual testing of existing installations ensuring that all our customers have peace of mind in the knowledge that they have an efficient and safe emergency lighting system at the ready if and when required.

So many Companies who test emergency lighting simply test the system and issue a report which includes a list of defects that require resolving by a Qualified Electrician. This will inevitably add to costs with the possibility of long delays before the defects being corrected. We will test and fix any defects found as quickly as possible and with little or no inconvenience caused.

All Public Buildings and Businesses’ must label all emergency lights for which they must have a corresponding log book and drawings. This information is crucial and must be available to the fire officer when applying for or renewing a license. If this is the case for your business, we can label and produce cross-reference drawings and log books for your entire emergency lighting system. This procedure will speed up the process of future maintenance and in doing so save time and money.

Emergency lights are used for different reasons as follows;

  • Failure to the lighting system.
  • Loss of power.
  • Fire.

Emergency Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any building no matter the size or nature of the business. It is a life safety system and must, by law, be maintained and tested on a regular basis.

There must be a clear indication and safe level of illumination of escape routes in the event of failure of normal power.

The following procedures will be carried out by us for an annual test:

  • 3 Hour emergency lighting test is set up for each distribution board at an interval of 30mins to ensure time to carry out all checks.
  • All Lamps checked and verified to ascertain any blown lamps.
  • All LEDs in charging circuit will be checked and verified for illumination.
  • Drawings will be marked for up to date drawings to be produced on completion of all testing.
  • Check that all defects recorded in the log book have been rectified.
  • Lux level readings will be taken to ascertain correct levels of light.
  • We will ensure all lighting is labeled and corresponding to onsite Emergency Lighting Log Book and Lighting Drawings.
  • The client is expected to carry out fortnightly visual checks that must also be logged in the Emergency Lighting Log Book. We can also provide this service. However, it is more cost effective to carry out these visual inspections in – house.
  • Any Faults shown during the Emergency Lighting Test will be fully documented in the Log book and also quotations provided for works to be rectified before carrying out any repairs.
  • On completion of all repairs and certification, we will issue a full certificate for the Emergency Lighting be it New Certification or Full Annual Maintenance.

We carry out maintenance and remedial work to any type and manufacture of emergency lighting in accordance with BS EN 5266.


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