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Radiator Repairs, Moves and Installs

Want to replace an old convector radiator or install a new one?

There may be many reasons as to why you need a convector radiator service, from needing to have the convector radiator taken off the wall so you can decorate and then put the radiator back onto the wall – to wanting to replace a radiator for cosmetic purposes. For the reasons stated above, FE Maintenance has three great services to choose from:

Installing a new radiator or completely changing the position and location of an existing one

Choosing the right size and type of radiator is vital in order to heat a room quickly and efficiently. You have to correctly size the radiator to the room that it will be installed in.

Because of this many factors must be taken into account, including elevation (whether it is south or north facing), the fabric of the building, the number of doors and windows, and the type of flooring (whether it is suspended or solid). All of these variables affect the amount of air changes that take place, which in turn affects the amount of Watts/KW’s (Btu’s) needed to heat that room.

At FE Maintenance Plumbing Service – we know and understand that all of these questions are vitally important and that’s why our “new radiator installation service” will come with all of our professional thoughts and all the advice that you could possibly require!

Radiators are essential to distribute the heat generated from the boiler around your home. But sometimes they stop working and need to be replaced. Replacing a radiator with a like for like replacement is an easy job for a plumber but you may also want to add a thermostatic radiator valve. You may also want to consider installing an additional radiator to deliver heat to the room if you find the room is often too cold.

Replace your current radiator in the same position

We realise that people like to adapt and change their surroundings for many reasons, from just fancying a change to wanting to create a feature with a new radiator. So if a replacement service is what you’re after – give us a call.

Can you remove the radiator so that I can decorate?

We certainly can! If you are decorating and need to get behind a radiator so you can decorate then this is the service for you. We will take off the radiator and then put it back when you have finished decorating.

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  • Cast Iron Radiator
  • Convector Radiator
  • Column Radiator
  • Designer Radiator
  • Electric Radiator
  • Low Surface Radiator
  • Standard Radiator
  • Towel Radiator
  • Radiator Valve TRV and Lockshield

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